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Croiss-Ant-Your-Body Bag - Tencel Denim

Croiss-Ant-Your-Body Bag - Tencel Denim

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it’s about time to greet 2022 summer with a floral bag🕊

用諧音/cross-body/ 及 /croissant/ 想做個吸引點~就是拆開合拼呼應a cross-body bag in croissant shape的意思(≧∇≦)


這一個款式是Easy Lady Dress的同款天絲牛仔布,與一般純牛仔不同,是混合布料。里布同樣是同色系的藍色棉麻布。五金方面因為要放入調節肩帶,所以選用了比以往較大一點點的金色扣,加強堅固度。只有少量。等你們找我喔~

Width: max. pt 35cm
Tall: max. pt 18cm
Zipper: 35cm
Handle: Shortest: 50cm, Longest: 84cm
More info on website/ig. 🔎 Crossbody Bag.

The idea of crossing a croissant-shaped bag on the body, then we’ll have a croissant(on) your body. Isn't this just so cute!!👀👌🏻

Using the same Tencel Denim fabric from Easy Lady Dress, it is a mixed denim fabric.
With shimmery gold metalware and an adjustable bag strap. A flawless 2-ways handbag ready for your summer outfits. ✨



實用性為主的半月軟包可以說是日常生活不可或缺的時尚單品,容量大且舒適的背法,意外適合很多種類的打扮。可以是粉嫩大地色配少女風的one-piece,可以是低調深色系配中性型格風,當然可以是情侶ootd的搭配item。Regular size是容量較大的基本款,另外更有少量mini size的輕量款式,增加搭配的多樣性。隨性時尚感get~生活便利感get~


It’s true that practical bags can still be stylish ones. We are bringing this regular size dumpling cross-body bag to you, as well as a mini size of this cute little thing. The idea of making this collection is to have everyone effortlessly cool and at the same time with large enough capacity this summer. We understand we have been sewing many girlish handbags lately, time to have another nice bag for the matching couple outfit. 





Inspired by the most well-known 80s street style, the most baggy but stylish oversized outfit. To match with either a tight mini skirt or a loose-fit mom jeans, you can still carry the croiss-ant-body bag in a perfect way. Adjustable belt-style shoulder strap brings more room for customers in different body shape, maintains the idea of daily-use basis. 


關於材質-Fabric Selection



We picked denim fabric for the first round in the beginning, but we found the new cotton fabric we picked for trial has an unexpected beautiful finishing. Among the numerous types of cotton fabric we’ve seen, this cotton twill has excellent shinny effect and texture, making the whole bag more tidy and neat. 


為增加手袋容量,我們於regular size的底部加寬了些許,從而增加容量之餘,保持牛角包的形狀。手袋整體以一條長拉鍊為主,安全又方便使用。Mini size則保留較圓的底部,即便容量較少都仍然保持可愛的牛角包形狀。


Increased bag capacity by adding more room from the bag bottom at the same time maintained a nice croissant shape. An zip closure at the main compartment to secure everything. The mini size of this collection is more rounded from the bottom, which although reduced some capacity but maintained a better croissant shape.

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