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Bread Bag - Pu Leather Blue Dusk

Bread Bag - Pu Leather Blue Dusk

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附送可拆除式長肩帶,兩種用法,方便中性型格風的style~秋冬的layering outfit必須搭配的實在手袋,靈活時尚,完整度up!




  • Pu leather in blue,brown,green
  • Width: 28-30cm
  • Tall: 22cm
  • Depth: 8.5cm
  • Bag Straps: 1.8cm width, crossbody 100-120cm
  • Compartments: Inner & outer zipper bag, inner compartments x3
  • Supportive bottom but soft body


Please note that by saying handmade, we mean to make creative crafts with our ideas and hands. Our production uses hand-sewed way and with the help of sewing machine. 手作定義模糊,我們跟着重具有故事性的創意手工製品。產品製作期間,分別都有了手縫和機縫的部份。🪴


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