WEWOOWEWOOWEE's story begins in 2020 in Hong Kong. We originally started as a handmade accessories brand alone by Willia. A few seasons in, she began to develop the first handbag design and worked with more fabric types, including the Pu leather. This change created a whole new inspiring workflow for WEWOOWEWOOWEE. Since then, we have grown, expanding and evolving our vision and production to include designer collections from accessories and handbags to clothing & more.

Around 2022, we expanded our team and worked with tailors for better design and handcrafts. With this, we have shifted to growing & healing with and by the brand we work with.

Growth and expansions are key business goals, while we also believe in small-scale production, supporting local economies and the marketplace, and creating a community with local love.

WEWOOWEWOOWEE look forward to your visit and support; we hope you like our spirit and design.

We welcome any form of collaboration on design and creative projects. Let us know your comments, and we hope to see you soon. Thank you!