PU Leather Series - Product Story

PU Leather Series - Product Story

We've been trying to sew cute mini bags in many different fabric typed, Pu leather is one of our lovely trials. Pu leather gives soft and light texture that won't add too much pressure to our shoulder. 


We have Sq.Tote and Tea-bag small in our Pu leather collection for now.

Hopefully we will have more colour and size options for all of you.



The idea of small but still effortlessly highlight your entire outfit.

Then we made our first tea-bag draft and have it included in the PU leather collection.


A classy texture for a daily tote-bag. This is the first idea came up to my mind when choosing the ideal Pu leather for a square tote. We at last picked this stretchable yet well structured Pu leather, tested for its weight-bearing capacity.